Personalized Training

Why is personalized training better training? Every person in your company who speaks and communicates with other employees or with clients needs to be confident and compelling or you company suffers.  Have you ever put on an off-the-rack suit and, while its a suit, it just doesn't fit well?  That's how most people speak and communicate.  They are doing it but they aren't doing it well.  Our training is a custom-made jacket that fits exactly how you want it to so you and your employees are effective and engaging professional communicators.We keep classes small so we can spend valuable one-on-one instruction time with you. No drinking from the firehose here!

"All speaking is public speaking, whether it's to one person or a thousand."

"Communication is an integral component of any successful partnership. Many people say that they have great communication skills. On the other end of the spectrum you have individuals who are afraid to put a sentence together. What Longboard PR offers is an unique perspective on the art of communication, providing a road map for all comfort levels of communication. Matt and Courtney teach well-researched methods applicable not only to public speaking but also internal communications, team training and process refinement. This training is applicable to all life aspects from professional to personal and everywhere in between. I thoroughly enjoy working with Longboard PR and will continue to integrate their coaching into my career goals and growth."

- Tara Haskins, Director of Business Development, Fluid Advertising

"Matt Garner and Longboard Publications partnered with Big-D Construction in 2015 to teach our trainers how to make the transition from good to great in presentation skills. Matt worked closely one-on-one with each of the presenters to hone their skills individually. Big-D has noticed an amazing transformation in these presenters. These individuals regularly lead trainings and meetings; they have gone from average at best to dynamic. Big-D would like to recognize Matt and his team for their fun training style, bold honesty and endless knowledge of public speaking and presentation instruction."

- Jake Ward, Health and Safety Director, Big-D Construction